Logen . usually a super nice guys! always treat there girl right:) and very very good looking
hes so goooddd looking! who? Logen duh
by jessielovesyoy January 28, 2013
Top Definition
The most beautiful girl you'll ever see. She's pretty hilarious and really kind but if you don't like her she'll hit you with a brick. She's also known as the coolest person to ever walk to planet. She has pretty red hairrr

All the boys fall in love with her but she has one guy in mind(; hehe
by c_lol_l January 19, 2013
A girl who's beauty knows no bounds. Every day she has a certain glow about her that knocks guys right off their feet. If you're lucky enough to talk to her you'll hear the gorgeous song that is her voice, nothing compares to it. She'll be there for you no matter what you're going through and will always try to help the best she can because she is so insanely nice with the biggest of hearts. Once you earn her love you feel like you're on top of the world and every second with her is even better than the last. From her head to her toes and from her hugs to her kisses she is absolute perfection. Any guy's dream.
I'm dating Logen and its the best thing that could've ever happened
by wlnlax12 November 20, 2013
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