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Smoking a cigarette down to the filter or even past the filter; taking the absolute last drag in a cigarette
"You think I can LoganDrag that cigarette before you pitch it?"

A reasonable person is done with his cigarette and looks to his buddy and sais "Want this?" His buddy responds, " Nah broskii I don't want the LoganDrag"
by RobStoffa May 03, 2010
Exactly the last 1/9th of a burning cigarette. The part of the cigarette that is often the least pleasant and least satisfying remainder of a cigarette. When someone cannot afford to buy their own pack of cigarettes but said person's friend is not particularly inclined to give said person a cigarette seeing as said friend has already given said person countless cigarettes in the past. Said person may allow said friend to smoke the last 1/9th of of said persons cigarette seeing as said person would rather not take that drag anyway.
"Who wants the logan-drag"

"I gave him the logan-drag"

"Can I take the logan-drag"

-Can I have a stogey bro?"
~No Logan, I am sick of bumming you cigarettes but you can have the logan drag"
by DeezyDeez February 17, 2011
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