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Where you have sex with a girl, and when she falls asleep, call some buddies over to help you shit on all for sides of the bed, so the next morning, she'll be trapped in a "log cabin" and can't get out of the bed.
"Dude! My girl's passed out, come over and help me build a log cabin for her."

Marshall: "The bitch just fell asleep after sex. Tha fuck."
Stuart: "She totally deserves to wake up in a log cabin."
by eaglefire007 July 25, 2011
The act of four people performing one continuous 69 in a square position.
Pat: After this double date do you want to come back and build a log cabin on the living room floor?

Bob: hell yeah I call second level!
by Billk April 04, 2012
The resulting structure of several people take a dump in the same toilet without flushing.
Since my family is on a tight budget, guest in my home were often horrified at the log cabin awaiting them in the bathroom.
by Dr Poops April 21, 2013
Reference for a $5 dollar bill because of Lincoln
Hey dog, I got a Log Cabin on it.
by Chickabong October 07, 2011
When 5 or more people shit on someone's face. Much like a bukkake, but with more possible gender/role permutations. Less than 5 is a "Foot Bridge."
We gave the gimp a log cabin last night. I reckon Skeeter had Chipolte for lunch.

We were a couple short for a log cabin, but Washington could have crossed the Delaware on the foot bridge we gave Sally.
by Dgoes October 14, 2009
A log cabin is when a girl takes on the maximum amount of boners all at once without any of them touching. Current scientific research show that the amount is 20.
Me:"19 of my friend and I just gave that chick a log cabin."
Mom: "That's nice, dear."
by Honesto abe January 30, 2011
The completely non homo act of stripping your bros down, getting them rock hard, and building a Lincoln-log-like cabin with your massive boners. Dude, it's totally not gay. What's wrong with a pile of erections? Nothing... No homo.
Scott: Alright guys! Its 10:30! Time to build a log cabin!

Jeff: Oh yes guys! I've been looking forward to this all night, I've had a boner for 5 hours!

Nick: I'm pulsating.
by MassiveMangasm 8==D June 29, 2010