A website where you earn points (or PTZ) to redeem for prizes. You don't have to give them credit card info either.
I love lockerz! I just got GTA IV for free! I just had to get 100 PTZ by logging in and answering daily questions!
by DJFender October 03, 2009
Top Definition
a website that make users watch videos for points that can be redeemed for amazing prizes such as video games, computers, ipods, etc.

unfortunately, most videos are extremely uninteresting, half-assed, and worth only a couple points. you would have to watch OVER 9000 videos for an iPod
Guy 1: Dude! Let me invite you to Lockerz so you can get cool stuff!

Guy 2: Hell no! It's a scam...
by RifleMan1 March 25, 2010
They gayest website on earth.
Unorganized and retarded, and gay ass fuckers.
I tried to redeem a PS3, but lockerz was being gay and didnt let me login.
by GUYMANMAJDOG January 30, 2010
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