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A British gangster flick revolving around a set of Antique Rifles. Plot features a group of hustlers in debt to a shady crime kingpin/porn king, a couple low level thieves hired to steal rifles for said porn king. A stick up crew jacking a large amount of cash from a weed wholesaler, as for mentioned hustlers plotting to rob said stick up crew, while doing so with the pair of antique rifles bought from gun dealer, bought from thieves who were hired by porn king to steal rifles that they just sold to hustlers.
If you got lost its natural. Film by Guy Ritchie, considered a classic.
You will have to watch this three times to full understand the plot.
In my opinion, rightfully so but then again I'm not a certified movie reviewer.
Also in my opinion blows the crap out of "Boondock Saints" which was good in its own right.
For the record, I only put that there since I feel said movie is overrated in my opinion (but I'm sur the same is said with this movie) To be honest this a just a glorified Boondock Saints Rant
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells in a nutshell
Black Rubber Cock Murder Weapon thats all you need to know
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