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A person defined by unsophisticated local manners and his/her trashy attitude, the adjective is used worldwide but mostly in some arab regions as they pronounce "Sh" as "Ch".
"hessa you have got to learn some manners, stop acting lochal you bitch"
Bella: "hmmm why did you take your shirt off jacob?"
Jacob: "hey its a lochal thing, chillin' out my armpits. it aint rude, is it?"
"dont burp pete, ughh you're so lochal!"

nada: "mallaya time, lets dance!"
alia: "mallaya is cheap, you're so lochal and rude!"

indian girl talking to her boyfriend:" stop spitting pan on the floor raj, thats so lochal."
by NuttyLatte October 23, 2010
Adj: a community observed as a group of people that share the same relation of gamboo3a. They wear sunglasses indoors and the women carry a big bun behind their shaila called "gamboo3a". They are known on twitter and facebook only. Taking funny pictures and editing them using either photoshop or picnik.
He's taking Lochal Pictures.

She is so lochal with her abayas.

Why are you wearing lochal sunglasses?
by UBdoesnthaveanameforme July 25, 2011