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When a girl's giving you head, resist the urge to let her swallow and plan to bust all over her face: paint her like a Geisha. Just as you're drowning her, smack her with a tire iron and knock her out. Don't offer the bitch a towel.
The next morning her mouth and eyes will be covered with crusty splooge and she won't be able to open either. Even if she's hearin you leave, she can't see you, or say anything.
Dude 1: "Hey man! What happened to you last night?!"
Dude 2: "I ended up going home with a scooter..."
Dude 1: "Aww man! That's gross. Are you gonna see her again?"
Dude 2: "Nah man! I gave that bitch some Loc-Tite!"
by DonnyFlip November 30, 2011
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