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a sexual move that involves a woman giving a man a handjob while wearing an oven mitt, thus resembling the claw of a lobster.
Steve: Hey foods teacher, put that oven mitt on and jerk me off.
Foods teacher: oh, you mean give you a lob job, sure.
Steve: oh wow, your the best!
by PITTdav25 October 28, 2007
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A sensual handjob featuring red oven mitts, often augmented by the stimulating aroma of seafood and shame.
"I hear Fred Lobster is giving some hot lobjobs in the Long John Silvers' restroom"
by Ace20x6 October 01, 2007
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Preferably done in a dim dormitory lobby, a blow-job is given by a Caucasian girl. The girl is then thrust down by an African-American man upon his erect shaft. The girl then proceeds to suck him off until she realizes that she is drunk and does not to participate in this action. She quickly gets up and runs away. The man is left with blue-balls. There are different variations to get rid of this issue.
Phil:(Quietly) Look, Daniel I think there is a "lobjob" happening over there!
by pdilly February 02, 2011
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nub insertion by means of a partial limb or joint.
He was a weird guy, but who knew he was into lob jobbing?!
by william the william June 24, 2005
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