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Cool, high, and collected. The ultimate form of chill.
Variations: loasting, loastest, loaster, toasting (loasting on a table)
Eating wangz is so loast.
This dorm room is so loast.
Wanna loast?
We don't turn up, we loast.
#cool #chill #high #toast #lost
by Loast King September 06, 2014
Toast that is lost...

either metaphorically, or actually lost
OMFG look at that Loast!!!

What the hell my toast went all Loast on me!
by kennyout June 09, 2004
Loast is a delicious, wholesome meal consisting of freshly whipped cream on bread
Anyone... For Loast?
#loast #cunt #pussy #tits #muse
by L@LSHITEShut April 14, 2010
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