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An adjective describing one who is a preppie / chauncey.
Oh damn, why is Loafie on the roof with a pitchfork?
by djbuttfuckahippopottamus January 17, 2011
someone who is your rock and is always there for you,
someone sweet, kind and generous
Awww Loafie!

Some people have a rock, I have a loaf - they are much softer to fall back on
by loafielover1366 November 18, 2012
a nicer way of saying "shitty". In reference to the term "pinch a loaf", where the "loaf" is a turd.
Bob: Oh man, I just crashed my new car because I was busy watching "Too Fast, Too Furious" on the dash-mounted DVD player...

Neil: Dude, that's loafie. Also, that movie is gay. Fag.
by Nomoarfags July 25, 2008

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