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Term used to describe a vertically challenged, gingering, slightly perverse professional who can't keep time....

A traditional greeting from a Lloydie may consist of him placing his ballsack on your forehead....

This particular specimen can be identified by a penchant for wax coats, childrens rugby shirts and chinos recently pressed by his mother.
v: Look there's Angela over there, my mate Lloydie'd her last week!

n: Fuck me Sam you're such a Lloydie!

adj: We were meant to play golf last week but Richard did a Lloydie....
by ginoborsoi23 July 17, 2010
Playing squash at 11am, then eating your lunch at your desk, while surfing the web. Then, once you've finished take an hour for yoga.
Manager: Hey, is Paul on break?

Johnson: Nah, he's doing a Lloydie
by TfL123 August 27, 2009