An idiotic, obnoxious, ignorant person or action.
You're a lloyd!

That was such a lloyd. How could you?!
by the LORS January 22, 2005
This is actually a new disease which renders one deaf to phones ringing, and in extreme cases the poor unfortunate soul develops a morbid fear of radio's and microphones.
Ronny Lloyd, answer that bloody phone!!!
by Broomster June 27, 2003
GEEK....a dumb ass idiot geek
by crap magnet May 25, 2003
One who believes that the Annexation of Peurto Rico will indow the International Brotherhood of Electricians with Phylisophical abilities
That IBEW guy is such a Lloyd
by Cooter August 25, 2003
a cunt, a complete and utter toss pot who ought to be shot because of his ass ragging tendancies
get the hell away from me you complete and utter lloyd
by quincy M.E (gus) August 24, 2004
is an ugly piece of faggot and should go die
ugh its better leave
by blah March 22, 2005

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