A free loader who just wants to smack that ass.
"don't give ur numba to that lloyd"
by creeper98 September 19, 2008
noun; A burglar's tool, generally a pry-bar, steel rod, or similar device used to break locks, jimmy windows, open cash-boxes, etc.

This is an older term formerly in common use among burglars, thieves, and break-in artists.
Ken: "Damn! I can't get the gate open!"

Charlie: "Here, use the Lloyd."
by wesco December 17, 2009
When you lick the underside of a man's ballsack.
"Dude last night she gave me a Lloyd"
"No way man Lloyd's feel so good!"
by Blehhhh12345677 May 09, 2010
A damn ass retard
Why are you such a Lloyd
by imboredeveryday April 24, 2010
Lloyd Harlin Polite Jr. Better known a Lloyd. Was was born on January 3, 1986 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is one of the sexiest singers ALIVE! His debut song "Southside" became a hit in 2004. In 2006, he released another single, called "You" with Lil' Wayne, which is now a MAJOR hit. The single has been gaining play one BET LATE and is currently #1 on 106 & Park Bet's Top 10 Live!! Lloyd is undeniably sexy! Has a great smile, and has a SIX PACK! Every girls dream!
chick 1: Girl, did you see Lloyd last night on BET?

chick 2: Yea, he was sooooooooooooooooo sexxxyy!

chick 1: I know girl, and he had no shirt on!

by Aaliyah_27 January 22, 2007
Slang for a black male.
Did your girlfriend cheat on you with a Lloyd? That's harsh, dude.
by cantonym July 25, 2011
a name given to a northern person who lives in the south of england.
ali:whoa! where the hell are you from?
lloyd:the north.
ali (to nick):wow,look - a lloyd!
by jase999 July 02, 2009
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