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Lixxie is the most desirable girl, you will ever encounter. She's a girl that will walk into your life when you least expect it, and you'll never want to let her go. Her body is one that can be compared with a goddess. Her past has given her experiences in many things ranging from brightening up your day, to "brightening" up your day ;). Her beauty is so astounding that it becomes difficult to look her in the eyes because you just want to run your eyes over every inch of her body. But dont forget that you must respect her. Her smile is one that will captivate your flitting gaze and you just can't help but wonder if you will ever be able to see, hold, feel, and caress her, they way she deserves to be. You know you will suffer because you cant help but wonder if she feels the same.

-L.S. ;o
Man 1:Dude, I think I just met the most desirable girl in the world.
Man 2: She must be Lixxie.
by Mr.Penguin ;) November 20, 2013
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