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The reverse of a strap on dildo. Turns the wearer from pitcher to catcher.

The strap part is basically the same however instead of a dildo being attached, a raw piece of liver is coiled and affixed to a holster on the belt. A guy then approaches the wearer of such device and proceeds to fuck the coiled liver. Ideally the liver is first warmed to body temperature and lubricated, possibly with k-y but vegetable oil will work just fine. Can also affix the liver belt to a chair whereby the dude can beat off into it (much less gay).

If you are like Portnoy, you return the liver to the refrigerator for dinner later.
Gal: "My pussy really hurts tonight."

Guy: "Ok, let me warm up the ol' Liver Belt"
by Ball sack itch July 14, 2009
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