The home of scenesters. If you want some bonus scene points, hit this one up. I myself call livejournal just another overrated online community for teenagers with problems. Ill admit, I use to have one. And most other edgers have, too.

by Villanueva. October 10, 2004
(adj) depressing and/or effusively negative
person1: what's wrong with bill?
person2: he's just so livejournal i don't
know if he'll last another day
person1: oic
by chirs April 05, 2005
A website where emos express their emotions. Little do they know, the only people that read those journal entries are the very ones who would belittle the pathetic fuckers and have a damn good time doing it.
Signing up for livejournal automatically makes you an emo.
by SgtGunneryHartman April 29, 2005
a waste of time.
"i went on livejournal today to tell all of my non-friends about my boring day and post a picture of me wearing some stupid glasses i got at urban outfitters...what a waste of time!"
by isabel June 24, 2004

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