to snitch, hear'n peoples problems and listenin to sum one snitch, and rat sum one out.

live-o tell tha whole world wut u hear'd
walk down tha street and see sum one talk to da cops, fukk live-o

jd: hey man u hurr jb robbed that bank lass nite
lb: "walkin by", shht live-o. he a snitch
by ztunna November 06, 2006
Top Definition
A request to do something quickly or with haste. Mostly used in the UK.
Pass me the phone live-o Bobby...I gotta call me wife.
by The Nefarious Mr. Robinson February 08, 2009
An full on party or event which could not have been scripted.

Definitely not pre-recorded.
Olly: Was it good then?
Matt: Hell yeah, it was absolutely fucken live-o!
by ralphbp April 15, 2009
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