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The idea of having control of life and letting it control you being who you are and what you were ment to be. Living for yourself and the world. No inner or outer influences just life.
The creatures of the world live free among everything. (true)
by free2decide June 03, 2009
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A common name (handle) for someone from New Hampshire, where the state slogan is "Live Free or Die!" This slogan appears on the automobile license plate, and on the state seal. It reflects the pre-democrat government position of small government, and "leave me the hell alone" mentality of residents of New Hampshire, until the early 21st century.
Livefree, bitches! The following are not required: motorcycle helmets, auto insurance, gun-free zones. The first two are recommended. The third is thanks to a police state.
by livefree December 21, 2009
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