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When a large mob or crowd of mexicans(or immigrants) gathers at a certain area in a high school, be it before class, during class, during lunch, or after school.

usually occurs in front library or media center, or in front of restrooms.

A on phone: dude where are you
B: sorry man, I'm hurrying.
A: whats keeping you?
B: i don't wanna pass through little tijuana. Every time i do, i feel as if i'm going to be stabbed.

by ADubbers October 14, 2007
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An area in 85210 Mesa, AZ, bordered by Country Club Dr., Broadway Road, Mesa Dr., and Southern Ave.
High concentration of tonks, safehouses, and meth labs.
Mesa Police Dept. informally named the community.
Traffic is screwed up on Country Club, someone got shot in Little Tijuana again.
by Copper_head April 30, 2011

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