Mike Lisle, the SAK killer.
Stink, annoy, kill. Mike Lisle's credo
by Chopper Jim March 10, 2005
Top Definition
Conveniently located where the East West tollway intersects with the North South tollway. The people here are nice and not trying to put on airs the way they do in surrounding suburbs. The school system is top notch. This is the only Suburb of Chicago area that derives most of its tax dollars from business, rather than its residents. Lisle boasts a beautiful water park, a great park district, top notch schools, outstanding festivals and the Morton Arboretum.
Napervillian "what are you doing to Fourth of July this year?" I'm going to the Eyes To The Sky Fest in Lisle
by JannieK September 09, 2008
The armpit of the western Chicago suburbs. A nice mix of young transplants, white trash, Mexicans, and people who couldn't afford to live in Naperville.
"Lets go to Four Lakes in Lisle and try to pick up some 40 year old fat divorced whores"
by Sloppy D March 29, 2005
The perpetual stench.
Lisle is the perpetual stench.
by 5 cent March 14, 2005
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