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A stunning girl, who is a tiger in bed. Is very white at heart but dances like a black chick. Is loved by all her friends, and is always there for her best friend. THIS GIRL WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD!
Guy one : I met a Liron yesterday, this girl was so sexy, damn she blew my mind!!
Guy two : I bet not only your mind *winky face*
by satisfiedman5318008 February 14, 2010
A skinny Jewish boy that loves Israel and capsicums.

His favourite music is the kind that scares normal people, and his facial hair grows back in less than 3 hours.

Fun fact; His favourite colour is blue.
"Stop arguing with me, you're such a Liron!"

- - -

"Look at that huge capsicum! It must be Liron's...'
by jewjewtrain October 14, 2010

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