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one of the most famous players of ragnarok. Famous and well publicized hacker that would get into a guild without getting an invite from anyone and from there he would also give himself guild leader powers. He would hack the emblem change it to anything he wants, the guild notice, kick anyone he wants. First guild that was hit was Valhalla.

It was said that he could get the name of the players account through kicking them from the guild. Though he pmed Xellie with her own account name before hitting up valhalla. Valhalla was hacked after Xellie warned other players about Liquid Echo.

According to Ragnainfo, the guilds that were hit were: Valhalla, angel Eyes, Roman Empire, Visage, Punishment, Valour, Entranced, Neverend, Mysticism, Lethal Death, Demise, and an attemp on Sanguine.
"Well it looks like we got Liquid Echoed, so everyone who needs an invite come back and see me." - Visage in Exile

"We got liquid echloled."
by Amanda KC November 23, 2006
A person with a blog on tumblr with a lot of random depressing stuff, but a lot of beautiful stuff too.
Liquid Echo's post is amazing.
by Raria May 17, 2012
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