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Term used for Beer.
The essence of pure fun in a liquid state.
When enough is consumed the user will become drunk.
Thomas: Sherryne is making an idiot of herself as usual.
Chris: Isn't it clear from all the Liquid Fun she drank
Sherynne: *passed out in the middle of the street* uugggghhh
by Christ91 June 05, 2007

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beer alcohol drunk fun party drink liquor smashed wasted
alcohol of any sort, beer, liquor, you name it
alright bruv, tough week yeh? lets put on the good shoes, get in some liquid fun and head for some tits
by kovstar December 13, 2007
A liquid that usually makes any situation a whole lot more fun.
A.K.A. Alcohol.
Chris: Looks like Sherryne is making an idiot of herself once again
Thomas: Yep to much liquid fun can do that to you
Sherryne: *passed out on the road* uuuggggghhhhh
by Christ789 June 08, 2007