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v. A forceful punch/kick-spasm applied adamantly with exuberant ferociousness, yet subtle finesse. Aforementioned attack shall be delivered in the joint area located directly between the femur and the fibula, also known as the anterior cruciate ligament.

For best results, use ninja-like stealth and extreme precision. Approach your victims hindquarters and deliver the swift blow. This shall render your enemy indefinitely incapable of remaining upright.

Coined at the turn of the 21st century (circa 2002), this term was commonly associated and later named after the infamous Ohio resident and socialite, Travis Lipscomb. Travis was attributed this colloquial term due to a flesh eating virus he contracted, causing a potent stench of feces to arise from his knee area, and into the unsuspecting nostrils of millions. Thus, the name was born.

See also double Lipscomb or Lipscombx2; a Lipscomb attack taking out BOTH knees at once, for added effect.
Pal: Hey Schnal, I was walking up the stairs yesterday and that grubber Tayler was in front of me.

Schnal: What'd you do?

Pal: I Lipscomb'd his ass, he fell right down stairs like a bag of f***ing potatoes.

Schnal: Is he okay? I'm just kidding. Who cares? Good job.
by Schnalex May 23, 2010
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