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a HORRIBLE "rock" song, by the band Hinder. The talents to sing this song are absent, if not...very minimal. The vocals are similar to a 62 year old man in a retirement home with lung cancer.

Played, enjoyed, and listened to every night at the bar by fat losers who dropped out of a community college after one year. Commonly when they get off their shitty jobs for the night.

Rich: Yo Hinder is on tour and they're coming to New Jersey, wanna go?

Ryan: Who are they?

Rich: They sing that song " Lips of an Angel ."

Ryan: I wouldn't pay any money to see them! Hell, I wouldn't go even if you payed for my ticket, plus PAYING ME the face value of the ticket!

Rich: aw, man...
by Richie higgins July 17, 2008
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