Blonde, blue eyes, 5'8 and a crackin figure. (In other words tasty!!!)
(Boy see's a girl with - see above)
Wow, she's Linzi!!!
by Steve June 06, 2003
Top Definition
A little 5 foot 2 inch scene kid with big babydoll eyes and known for being called "baby coon." She has aspirations of going to Harvard and wants to model. She isn't short, only "fun-sized" and very "portable." Not to mention, she's very deliciously tasty.
Wow, Linzi is totally awesome!
by BabyCoon July 10, 2008
is the most awesome kind of perosn who loves chocolate and is the best.
First Person:Who is Linzi? Second Person:Me!
by linzi linzi linzi November 19, 2010
1. Sub-human
2. Coward or to lack balls
3. To show/display ignorance or to act incompetent.
4. Virgin or someone that never engages in sexual activity.
"Dont be a Linzi"

Person 1: "Dude did you get laid"
Person 2: "No I pulled a Linzi"

"I think I Linzi'ed this up...let me do it again"

"Did you see that Linzi get knocked out"
by Chonchon chopper dan February 04, 2010
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