A ginger with the inability to tell the truth; typically a drug addict or alcoholic, or both; psycho ginger; a person, typically female, lacking in all areas of beauty
Linsay is a tweeker. Linsay has no friends. Linsay is out of her mind. Linsays boob job sucks.
by xxxownedxxx October 24, 2011
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Linsay's are beautiful, genouros, and fun to be around. The usually have a temper but can be understanding and compassionate to those in need. A helper, lover, friend, and a sex goddess describes a Linsay.
Girl 1: hey did you see that girl actuon all nice to thise hot guys last night.

Girl 2: yeah she was totally pulling a Linsay
by Dr.tbys December 31, 2013

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