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A ginger with the inability to tell the truth; typically a drug addict or alcoholic, or both; psycho ginger; a person, typically female, lacking in all areas of beauty
Linsay is a tweeker. Linsay has no friends. Linsay is out of her mind. Linsays boob job sucks.
by xxxownedxxx October 24, 2011
14 27
Linsay's are beautiful, genouros, and fun to be around. The usually have a temper but can be understanding and compassionate to those in need. A helper, lover, friend, and a sex goddess describes a Linsay.
Girl 1: hey did you see that girl actuon all nice to thise hot guys last night.

Girl 2: yeah she was totally pulling a Linsay
by Dr.tbys December 31, 2013
8 0