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Borrowing from the first and last words of the bands "Linkin Park" and "Nickelback;" "Linkinback" is a genre of music which includes any musical group or song that is obvious and obnoxious in its apparent lack of talent and artistic creativity but instead excels in it's incompetence and ineptitude to produce music that is of good taste or has the capacity to exhibit any intelligence. A genre that un-does the contributions of bands that were good and not filled with immature, no-talent men that better resemble pubescent boys lamenting about everyday emotions. "Linkinback" bands usually holds within its fabric a penchant or in extreme cases the incessant need to create songs that revolve around a single word yelled by the supposed singer in an attempt to stir an emotion or constructed frame within the psyche of the unfortunate soul listening. Any band or song that, if given the opportunity, had the choice of being personified into a single period in history, would inevitably choose for itself an era rocked by pain, suffering, decay, obliteration of society, and regression of knowledge, education and understanding; an era better known as "The Dark Ages."
It's a damn shame! He bled to death through his ears from listening to that terrible Linkinback music; poor bastard never had a chance.

Can't say that I never warned him. I told him not to listen to that Linkinback shit and look at him he is reduced to nothing more than a quivering pile of drool and filth; a being unworthy of inhaling a rectal-belch from a homeless beggar.
by Brittles Von Holleman March 03, 2010
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