1)To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.
2) A series of contradictions that ends in intense rage, violence, or depression.
3) Displeasing to the eye; unsightly. "Stop giving me that Linh-Ngo stare!"
4)Very annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious:a vulgar and objectionable person.
5)A walking paradox; it is both your enemy and your friend; its ego is of enormous proportions, but its height rivals that of a lawn gnome.
6)An individual whose mouth owns the energizer bunny.
7)To dance as if one lacks muscular support in the neck. "Hey, she moves like Linh-Ngo!"
"Stop being a waste of air, you little Linh-Ngo!"

by Minh is the Man August 01, 2006
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