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The specialized vocabulary of a particular field or discipline that is overused in an attempt to fit in, impress, or just hide a limited vocabulary or inability to think independently.

Overdose of lingo can be accidental or intentional, but repeated use is harmful.
Current examples of LingOD:

News Media/Politics: "notion"
Workplace: "reach out"
#sometimes referred to as dittolingo #also known as a speaking disability #a form of verbal abuse #a human lemming habit #and possibly associated with low iq
by ConcealedID June 27, 2009
to be lingo'd means to rob if you lived in a tent by the river, or if you were homeless and had your space or tent flailed. to be robed unknowning.
that guy just got "lingo'd", poor guy all his belongings were stolen. he just got "lingo'd", thats not the first time!! hehe
#stash #wigged #flailed #fuckery #coper
by timmy meade August 01, 2008
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