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Imagine if Hitler and all his Nazi comrades got bored at their local during tha war and started a football team...that's Linfield FC. Hailing from the capital of OWC Norn Iron and a fetish for all things red , white and blue these Neo-Nazis are delusional. To put it politely if you ARE "An Ethnic race , a catholic , a republican , normal , not a huge fan of films like Green Street and The Football Factory and I.D , Gerry Adams , an member of the Cliftonville squad or any fan of ANY other football team...Linfield FC hate you"
Linfield FC : To quote the most well known Linfield fan on authentic reasons for his beheaviour against (London)Derry City FC, "King" Billy Carson Craig Paisley, "Aye fireworks , flares , Section F , the sash , the cry was no surrender but fuck'em they walked into the North-Stand". Also we tried for a description of what is Linfield fc from the fan they shout about a "Mr Alan Field" but alas nah.
by AHLF February 24, 2010
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