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A slang term for any model of the Nissan Skyline automobile.
"Tom drifted his liner into a tree last night"
by Erelyes June 28, 2007
10 12
Synonymous with line, except used primarily by begging ass broke ass dope fiends.
Hey dawg, hey dawg, man let me get a liner man. I'll suck yo dick!
by Liner August 11, 2007
9 9
Dumb ass, Complete and utter moron has no common sense and can not remember thier first 2 years of highschool
You are such a liner for winning a darwin award
by Chewy Achtman April 12, 2006
13 20
by anonymous March 10, 2003
9 19
phazers brother, cheater, haxor, nerd
by anonymous March 10, 2003
4 14