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The only players that really impact the game while the "skilled" pussies get all the credit and have all the fun.
If the offensive linemen open holes, paraplegics can wheel through them. If the defensive linemen shut holes down, quadraplegic can make tackles.

Only exception are defensive backs which I have respect for.
by Kim Little October 31, 2004
The strongest, biggest, and most powerful players in American Football. Though defensive and offensive linemen obviously don't get as much credit and glory as they deserve, they have more heart and determination then anyone else on the field. They are also probably the most lovable players out there because we are just so damn sexy like that. But seriously we do the dirty work so the guys behind us don't have to, so linemen deserve the most respect out of everyone. If you disagree with any of this, I dare you to tell your linemen how you feel, and you'll see how much you'll miss them when you're getting your ass kicked on every play.
1 Quarterback: Man Im glad I got these linemen on my side or Id be getting my ass kicked play after play.

2 Linebacker:
Wow I got 20 tackles so far. Good thing those linemen are plugging up those holes, or I wouldn't have any.
by 209 Casper August 14, 2009
the people who make the game run. everyone needs them. linebackers need them to make holes. good luck getting in without em. quarterbacks need em to be protected. good luck LIVING through a play without em
we need more respect and credit than we get. next time an o linemen is disrespected by the quarterback, do a "lookout call" and watch what happens. next time a defensive linemen is direspected by a teammate, wait that wont happen
by d-line-rock-sit September 28, 2009
(Noun) A guy who remains sober enough to prevent his friend from sleeping with an ugly or dirty girl while his friend is shitfaced.
"Man, I can't believe I almost hit that! Good thing I had my lineman, Joey, to keep me out of trouble."
by McCrapper March 25, 2013
Most under rated players in the NFL
Offensive linemen do not get any credit for protecting the quaterback and running backs
by Naysayism October 28, 2003
A person living a life of abject poverty. A lineman can often be found clipping coupons and collecting welfare checks.
WOW, Lineman! You are fucking POOR!
Fat asses that have no athletic ability. Their only purpose in life is to keep the real players from getting hit.
Dont worry, the linemen will do all the dirty work for us.
by Purple Helmet August 19, 2003
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