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a smelly fart that wafts over a turtle head, picking up extra stink and is released before the impending turd.
Dude, that was one putrid line jumper!
by Seles April 05, 2011
Noun: a person that sees that there are clearly people formed in an existing line, ignores it, and proceeds to cut everyone and go to the front of the line
That bitch of a line jumper Alex just line jumped us at Cafe Ra, this is not communist China; in America we form lines.
by victimizedbylinejumping69 January 24, 2012
When someone lollygags it in a buffet line and you jump in front of the line to get yours
Jesse is a line jumper he always jumps julio at cicis because jesse is fat
by Geraldo Gutierrez May 18, 2008
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