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Someone who is stingy and cheap. Pretends to never have any cash. Someone who is a Lincolnizer always finds a way not to pay for things. A person who walks out on friends when a restaurant bill comes to the table.

Can also be used as a verb: I try not to Lincolnize in front of my girl.

Word Origin: Comes from penny pinching. A penny has the face of Abraham Lincoln - hence penny pinching or Lincolnizing. Any association to a person with the name Lincoln is purely coincidential.
Somewhere in NYC
Homeboy #1: Yo, lets go to Mickey Dees son.
Homeboy #2: Nahh kid, lets hit up Kennedy Fried Chicken. They got a sale and I got a coupon.
Homeboy #1: Damn, stop being such a Lincolnizer son.
by BrokeAss April 22, 2006
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