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Limp Dick Syndrome (LDS) occurs when a man's penis cannot become engorged with blood, or achieve what is known in America as a "hard on."

LDS is very serious disease which "happens to a lot of guys."
"It's OK, honey, it's just LDS."

"Limp Dick Syndrome. Not a problem since I found Cialis."
by wordsforlife1 August 13, 2011
Not having the ability to either erect or utilise ones penis to penetrate the accompanying private parts of the opposite sex.
John: "Dude did Jimmy hit that fine ass broad last night?"
James: "No dude, he's Jimmys got that limp dick syndrome"
by Tony Titan March 06, 2014
Having a limp dick for over an hour in a situation in which requires an erect penis.
Dude, I got Limpdick Syndrome during that orgy last night.
by Yoarba July 09, 2012
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