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limebeer (pronounced Lime-Beer), a word used to describe a person(s) who spontaneously (and often inappropriately) include them self(s) to participate in an activity to which they were not formerly invited - to pull a limebeer/be a limebeer.

To pull a limebeer: person 1 "Hey man what's up?" person 2 "ahh not to much, what about you guys" person 1 "me and a couple of guys decided to grab our girls and head down to the beach, get in some time with the ladies" person 2 "SWEEET, WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH!"

To be a limebeer (to lable or give reference to): "ya gotta love how john always just up and invites him self to parties...what a limebeer"
by r3db4r0n July 03, 2006
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