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an awesome alt-country band from orange county.
Person 1: have you ever listened to Limbeck?

Person 2: Pshhhh yeah! Limbeck is RAD!!!
by traci February 05, 2004
AN AWESOME BAND!!! go to and witness their awesomeness!
I love the song "Julia" by Limbeck. They're from the OC.
by kat November 29, 2003
A cool band who toured with The All-American Rejects.
'Justin from Limbeck is..*WOW!*'
by Hollie November 28, 2003
Limbeck is a band that likes Mary Jane and relaxin. Started country evolving into their own thing. Go Brewers!
Dude we just passed Limbeck's tour bus, Oh ehm Gee Honk and Wave, Honk + Wave!!!
by Corncob Jack March 03, 2009
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