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5 definitions by traci

You know that really loud girl downstairs, that owns like a 1000 pairs of shoes and is afraid of spiders? Yeah, that's her.
Minnie must be around the corner then
by Traci September 07, 2003
129 107
an awesome alt-country band from orange county.
Person 1: have you ever listened to Limbeck?

Person 2: Pshhhh yeah! Limbeck is RAD!!!
by traci February 05, 2004
11 3
a witch-like person, as found in weetzie bat
The lanka cast a spell on him.
by Traci January 18, 2004
21 15
Omg it's YOU!
How do ya spell Nishizawa? *thinks for a very long time*
by Traci October 01, 2003
1 0
when matthew and tony lovato GET IT ON, usually in my dreams
Tony and Matt sure do perform some pretty wild and hott cousincest
by Traci January 17, 2004
12 20