A complimentary term for a female drummer who is good at what she does.
"The band last night was great! The girl on drums was a proper Lillard!"
by Kaffwahn September 11, 2006
Top Definition
The fusion of the two names; "Lilly" and "Millard" into a singular expression, often used to describe a female drummer who is great at her favourite pursuit.

"Lillard" can be used as a nickname, and can me a play on words in a popular song by The Darkness
"My Goodness! That Girl is a Lillard!"
"Lillard on The Rocks (With No ice)"
by Girl_With_The_Purple_Hair April 22, 2006
an amazing girl who loves to have fun and is very attractive. shes hard to get, but worth the chase.
"wow, that girl is such a LillARd"
by Joeeey May 24, 2009

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