1. Queen of the Demons
2. First Vampire
3. First Wife of adam
4. Dried up old hag, who thinks that by having sex with as many people as possible (often symaltniously) she will somhow gain great power - if only over the people she beds.
"dude, you slept with Diane? - she's a total Lilith!"
by I_Know_all January 29, 2004
This is a fat ugly cow-faced cunt, who will sleep with any guy she can get her hands on. Instead of comforting a friend who's just come out of a break up, she will hang out with that friend's ex. then try to sleep with him. skank.
WOW. whatta freaking lilith, way to choose my ex over me bitch.
by pissedoff:) May 05, 2010

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