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Pronounced lil-ee.

Lile is a Girls name, it's orgin is Irish.

The meaning of Lile is a Gaelic form of Lily, a borrowing of the name of the plant, Lily.

The Lily flower is symbolic of purity and perfection.
Lile is a beautiful flower.
#lile #lily #flower #girl #name
by Soozz February 05, 2010
Of or relating to the spawn of satan. In medieval times Lucifer produced an offspring. Being that Satan is sterile he decided to "Cast" a son. He made a mold and then poured the liquid magma of hell into the mold. After almost 1000 years the mold finally cooled and we were introduced to Satans offspring, "LILES" made of pure unadulterated hell metal. His hair is made from the purest form of Gold and his vocal chords are made from the pubic hairs of satan himself.
You just shot that guy!!!, what are you, Liles?
#hell #metal #justice #gold #heavy
by Larry DS July 14, 2006
It's a verb; an old word that means to learn, or enrich yourself with something beneficial. Rarely, not used among people, no doubt Microsoft word will tell you it's a spelling mistake :).
Ash: What are you doing cuzzo?
Raf: Nothing, Just lile(ing) Asian cultures.
#lile #liling #liled #lil #lol #lee
by HawtSwagger February 08, 2011
Sucks dick @ age 8, usually is weird,
Ususally is a sket
Not pretty
A girls name
Origin:Irish meaning lily (pronounced lil-ee)
Boy1: Oh bitch, see her sucking dick? Shes a Lilè!
Boy2: Yeah ikr man, shed do it to me anyday if i asked!
#lol #funny #haha #dick #ugly
by Young-one June 27, 2014
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