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She doesn't know how to say no. She confuses most people. She is beautiful, but doesn't see it. She's been through a lot, most people wouldn't know. She is a night and a morning person, she doesn't know who she is yet. She wants to be somebody, she will be somebody. She is stronger than she thinks. She can love like no other. She is 'that girl'
Person1:That Lila;

Person2:I know what you mean.

by Lila Love October 05, 2008
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A caring, wise person who is very logical and loving.
"Your mom is so nice! I can't believe she took the time to make us all these gingerbread men."
"I know... she's a Lila."
by Chef Sandy December 27, 2008
a girl who finds meaning in nature, especially at night
Every night, she walks outside and stares at the stars for hours, like a Lila.
by thundersquirrel December 03, 2006
a great friend, LOUD, boy crazy, fun to be around, amazing style,tons of swagga, animal lover, SEXAYY!!!
person 1:man, someday imma marry that lila
Person 2: no some day imma marry her
person 3: noooo ME!
by lovebug9 January 15, 2011
possibly the coolest person ever to live. ever
by blahgljgnv January 14, 2013
a hot, sexy, crazy, fun-loving person!!! She parties hard and is down to earth!!! I have a best friend named lilas and she is amaziinnnggg!!!!
by coolgirl55 April 20, 2011
A fucking faggot
Lila is a fucking faggot
by Powersex December 01, 2014

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