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Someone who likes lil wayne. Usually a complete douchebag who knows nothing about real rap music.
Adam: Dude lil wayne fucking sucks man just admit he has terrible lyrics, no story, and the most hideous voice.

Kevin: Dude lil wayne is the truth bro.

Adam: Do you even know what he says in his songs, you cant even understand the mother fucker, you know what fuck it, your a dumb lil wayne fan.
by The Juice 47 May 13, 2009
1. A person who likes lil wayne. Also see: Idiot, retard, dick, moron
2. A total jackass who thinks lil wayne is "the troof"

dont hang out with him hes a dumbass lil wayne fan


person 1: whos the best rapper?
person 2: eminem dogg
person 3: lil wayne! hes the troof!
*person 1 & 2 slowly walk away as not to have the dumbness rub off on them*
by dude-im-cool-43 August 06, 2010
Some 16 year old suburban white kid who thinks he's a gangster, but is really a soft ass wannabe that lives off his parents. Also someone who's probably never done anything gangster in their entire life. Most likely smokes weed to pretend to be cool.
Typical Lil Wayne Fan: Yo dawg, I'm gonna borrow my mom's minivan and ride out to that new Lil Wayne album, but I gotta be back at 7:00 for dinner or my mom will be pissed, where da weed at yo
by busta411 August 17, 2011
Typically, but not exclusively, a young white suburban kid who doesn't like rap in general but will quote his lyrics in an effort to seem fit in. Often think it'll earn him or her brownie points with Black culture. They often find Lil Wayne is street enough to make them look cool but soft enough to be palatable and relatable to suburban life. Will typically dick-ride Lil Wayne and claim him to be the best rapper alive but if you mention any hip hop legend, they can't recall any single songs by them. Will often say they like Tupac and Biggie, but only know Hypnotize by Biggie or California Love by Tupac.

Apparel often worn includes skinny jeans while sagging them, Trukfit, snapbacks, and any t-shirt with large bold letters that usually say "SWAG". Ironic, because one of Lil Wayne's lines says "She'll suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit".
Person 1: "Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive!!!"

Person 2: "Okay... name some other legends in hip hop..."

Person 1: "Gucci Mane, Mac Miller, MGK.... SWAG. Plus I just bought some new Trukfit!!"

Person 2: "What'd you do to get it?"

Person 1: "Fuck you!!!"

Person 2: "Typical lil wayne fan...."
by Michael6084 June 23, 2014
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