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a atlanta rapper, found by lil jon. He is known as the prince of crunk and has sum hot records with the help of lil jon's beats. Head bussa and no problem were his 2singles. he reps bme w/ his clique lil jon, eastside boyz n trillville. he's a young rapper but is loved for da hot shit he drops!
Lil scrappy: O-k-k-k! put yo g's up!
old person: omg! frank, that NEGRO is with the kkk!, come on this is big!
by lil flave June 21, 2005
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a kick ass rapper who raps good and comes up wit nasty hooks in his songs, often raps with lil john and trill bill (did i spell dat right?)and has a str8 ass song "u dont want no problem"
lil scrappy is a good rapper
by pimp daddy dollars October 01, 2004
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crunk ass rapper w/ eyes thats like chinese people all low 'n' shiet.
rips w/ lil jon had a cd w/ trillville
known fo sayin A 'n' G's up
leader of G's up
by big banks April 07, 2005
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Lil'Scrappy means to be in love with someone named Ravin.
Did ya'll know Ravin is dating lil'Scrappy.
by RAVIN GRAY December 07, 2004
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lil'scrappy means sexy,and crunk. 4 all yall haters out dere, lil'scrappy is "Da Prince Of Crunk". Yall can kiss his ass and mine. ATL 4 life!!!
Last nite i seen Lil'Scrappy on TV & he was lookin' good!

Yesterday i went 2 a Lil' Scrappy concert and he's nothin' less than "Da Prince Of Crunk".
by Ravin Gray December 08, 2004
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Shitty rapper from ATL who follows the lead of lil john with shitty Crunk songs. Self-Proclaimed ''Prince of Crunk''(Not that anyone's vying for that position). ''Has you don't want no problems'' A shitty song in which he dresses like a homo in the video(sleaveless leather shirt). Probably the worst southern rapper since Bone Crusher.
2. Synonym for terrible dierreha and vomit
Good Rapper-
Word Play-
Good videos+
Dog shit=
Lil Scrappy
2.Oscar: Oh, MAn I had the worst Lil Scrappy of my life!!!!!!!!
Carlos: OH NO I HOPE IT'S NOT CONTAGIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Oscar October 15, 2004
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Hes the nephew of lil jon and raps with them and he is good
put yo hand in yo fist y'all
by Jonzo July 14, 2005
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