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When you go onto someone's facebook page and click the 'like' button on EVERYTHING on their page. You can click 'Show Older Posts' to give them more notifications.
"Crap, I got like bombed by Jack again"
by JackWhite June 18, 2009
The act of systematically "liking" everything on a person's Facebook wall so that they have dozens of updates that are in reality only your "likes".
Harold: What's wrong, bro?

Dennis: I logged onto Facebook and I saw like 45 updates and I thought that a bunch of people had commented on my new album from my trip, but when I clicked on it, it was just Vince likebombing my wall.

Harold: Oh, what a douche.

Dennis: Dude, he even liked where my status said that my mom died.

Harold: .........
by goodmango November 03, 2009
The act of systematically liking everything on a person's wall either for funsies or revenge. The result? Probably a couple hundred notifications.
Tom: I'm wicked bored.

Matt: Me too.

Tom: Let's go like bomb the crap out of Chris's wall!

Matt: Sounds good.

by EZXWard January 18, 2011
When someone "likes" an inappropriate number of thing on your Facebook page. This can include, but is not limited to: statuses, photos, comments etc. Can be seen as a form of Facebook stalking and/or terrorism.
facebook update: "John likes 48 of your photos"
Person: "Oh no! I've beening like bombed!"
by stonja October 17, 2010
The effect of getting a group of people to 'like' a certain update or set of updates simultaneously on facebook, with intent to promote the item within a particular circle of friends.
hey everybody, let's let's like bomb the shit out of this.
by _fj January 15, 2011
When you go through a person's facebook wall and like every single thing you can
Yeah man Jesse and Kyle like-bombed the shit out of you
by John Did-me-now August 03, 2010
when a person presses the "like" button on someones facebook page.
Girl: Thanks for liking my whole life :)

Boy: Feel special I Like Bombed you. I don't do it to a lot of people :)
by kurakotkadyot September 20, 2009