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Verb form of the noun lightning - the act of lightning occuring or being produced.
"It was thundering and lightninging outside, I got so scared that I peed the bed."
by benjamin hammond January 31, 2006
The process of lightning happening outside.
Ex: To bowl, is bowling. To play, is playing. To lighning, is lightninging!!! YES!!!
by Bokes September 13, 2004
The act of lightning
"It started lightninging last night."

"Lightninging is a real word. Shut up Matt."
by CaptainMcNigNog May 18, 2016
The awesome effect that multiple, spontaneous, lightning strikes has on human beings.
Meagon: "I was outside at the beginning of it, just watching the lightning."
Sam: "It's lightninging already?!"
by crazy.chicas. May 22, 2011
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