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lightning-bolt:Bolt ran like ightning.
Lightning-Bolt: There can be one and only lightning Usain Bolt in the world:The 100 and 200 metres world champion who ran at world record times of 9.58 sec and 19.19 sec,fastest man in history.In theory if a person can run 200 metres almost twice the time to take 100 metres, he should be able to run 100 metres certainly less than say 9.50 in the future.
by ccdc August 21, 2009
A Ping Pong ball thrown by a fat kid during a woodland LARP tournament.
"Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"
by insertname April 19, 2007
An esperimental bass and drums duo formed in Rhode Island. The vocals are screamed into a jury-rigged phone receiver and are incomprehensible. The band preforms in the center of the crowd rather than on a stage.
Lightning Bolt drill their instruments into the ground every concert they play
by chrispyB April 17, 2006
Probably the loudest band of the past ten years, and easily the "fullest" sounding duo of modern music. Psychotically fast and agressive while managing not to come across as particularly angry, evil, or any of the other stereotypes attributed to bands involved in the punk or metal scenes.
The Brians are playing tonight!


Lightning Bolt, man!


Oh, you can't hear anymore. You must have been to one of their shows.
by Johngoloid October 07, 2009
Used at eatpoo to carry out a banning verdict. While inspired by the video of a fat kid in a larp throwing soft foam balls at an ogre (a guy in a tablesheet with a butt ugly mask) while yelling lightningbolt, today the lightningbolt is the feared yet worshipped weapon of the forums moderators
noob: Hi th3re guyZ! I know I don't got good art but I didn't try hard on this 1. My Mom sayZ itZ cool so I don't care if you don't like it!!1
member1: I can't believe you posted that?
member2: Thats butt ugly!
member3: Read the Rules!
member4: Lightningbolt his ass!
by whistle May 03, 2004
Another word for banning a person from somewhere.
You are lightningbolted from this forum
by Micket October 17, 2003
Noise Rock/Experimental Rock duo from Providence consisting of Brian Gibson on Bass and Brian Chippendale on Drums and Vocals. Known for crazy, loud, chaotic sounds as well as their intense, confrontational live shows.
Lightning bolt are the true definition of Noise music.
by GaaraoftheDamned November 18, 2012
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