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A fun place to abandon your kids for the summer. Activities include: Religious and political brainwashing, Idol worship (mainly cardboard cut-outs of George W. Bush), crying, and mumbling incoherently.

*Warning: If your child suffers from Epilepsy, his seizures may be mistaken for being "possessed by the Holy Ghost."
My child's mind and body was molested at Jesus Camp.
by insertname April 19, 2007
A Ping Pong ball thrown by a fat kid during a woodland LARP tournament.
"Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"
by insertname April 19, 2007
A Black Metal fan who thinks Nihilism is the new cool thing to do. They are often found ranting online about how meaningless and futile life is. Suicide is an option for them, but they would rather live out their "forlorn existence."
I'm a Nihilist. I don't believe in anything. Not Even Nihilism.
by insertname April 19, 2007
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