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The "mini Palm Beach." A small city on the East coast of South Florida known for its affluent population and low diversity. The typical Lighthouse Point person is in their 50's, already retired, plays squash, has two boats, and spends his free time at the Lighthouse Point yacht club. He is married with a blonde trophy wife, and has two kids who go to prep school.

Contrasts with Boca Raton because of its extremely low Jewish population. LHP could be the WASPiest city in Florida.

Kids tend to either go the preppy route or the surfer route, or a mix of both.

Also notable for its highly attractive female population, rampant cocaine use amongst the youth, and wealthy New Englander's who have summer houses in Lighthouse Point.
Look at that kid with seer-sucker pants, brooks brothers polo, and sperrys. Typical Lighthouse Point brat.
by TrinityBantams May 05, 2011
A small town located between Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, Florida, on the east side of Federal Highway. The inhabitants of this town are often rich and loose with their money, and usually indulge in large sportfishing boats or limited edition cars costing well over their childrens college tuition. Adolescents in Lighthouse Pt. are often spoiled, drunk, stupid, and function in small cliques. When they're not wrecking daddy's beamer while loaded on coke they bought by stealing money from mommy's purse or snatching some from her stash, most try to be surfers or fisherman, and the rest attempt to emulate their favorite rap sensation. Lighthouse Point is also known for their amazingly overzealous police force, indulging every trigger happy whim, ranging from arresting teens walking their dogs past an imaginary curfew to busting house parties in their riot gear.
Bro, I got put into cuffs by the Lighthouse Point police for talking on my phone in my driveway at midnite.
by King Tubby January 27, 2006
A small town located between Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach, on the east side of Federal Highway. The inhabitants are usually middle class and above and seem to be very well off. Many nice fishing boats and expensive cars are located at certain houses here. The neighborhood is relaxed and kids ride bikes around with their not-so-hard-earned allowances in their pockets. Crazy shenanigans are said to go on in LHP including Thanksgiving and Christmas family soccer games that take place at one of the local parks. Police Force can be tight only because they have nothing better to do. Common, kid-friendly stores and restaurants include: RJ Boyles, Bonefish Maxx's, Target, The Marina, and Cap's Place.
Hey dude! Wanna drive over to Bonefish Maxx's and spend some money on chicken wings?

Sure! Let's go on bikes. I mean... come on... its Lighthouse Point.
by AT Zeus January 20, 2010

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